Wildlife and Landscape Photographer, Lecture and Tour Guide

Flower Photography in the Vercors

Saturday 3rd – Saturday 10th June 2017

Between Grenoble and Valence, the Vercors is an area of mountainous limestone. Deep gorges cut by rivers over millions of years are topped by a plateau rising to over 2,300m. The cliff scenery is dramatic. It is an area little known outside France and previous visits have proved that the area can provide a superb week of photography in its own right.  Scenic and accessible, this jumble of mountains provides a rich range of flowers, butterflies, mammals and birds, all adding their own magic to a stunningly beautiful part of France. And then, of course, you add in excellent wine and food and you know this is a typically good Travelling Naturalist destination for wildlife and landscape photography.

The tour will concentrate on flower, landscape and, if opportunities arise, insect photography. You will need to bring a single lens reflex camera (digital or film) with lenses and a tripod (plus anything else you think you might need – I am happy to advise on this) together with plenty of film or storage for digital images. We will find different ways to capture the essence of our subjects whether it is a close-up portrait or a wide angle ‘in habitat’ view. We will explore a range of locations from high level ‘Alpine meadows’ stuffed full of a wide variety of blooming plants right down to valley beech woods where tiny Coralroot Orchids grow or we will stop at roadside verges where large and showy Lady’s Slipper Orchids bloom; they sometimes grow in large clumps. How fabulous it is to stroll through areas so full of flowers that a whole day could be spent securing images of the broad range of species in one small area. Butterflies such as blues and skippers can sometimes be seen gathering at mineral licks while others like Common and Scarce Swallowtail, Clouded Apollos and Painted Ladies are often seen.  If the frequent mention of ‘Alpine’ makes you nervous, don’t worry. This is always a gently paced tour with the vehicle taking the strain of reaching higher locations, and once you have visited the Vercors, if you are anything like our leader, you will want to return time and again.  Click here for more details.