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The Vercors in Spring – a wildlife watching tour

Sunday 11th – Sunday 18th June 2017

Scenic and accessible, this jumble of limestone mountains on the edge of the French Alps provides a rich range of flowers, birds, mammals and butterflies, all adding their own magic to a stunningly beautiful part of France. The winding roads take us to much of the high ground where the walking is easy as we stroll through gorgeous Alpine meadows or wonder at groups of butterflies gathering at mineral licks.  The high tops here have a good range of mountain birds, including Alpine and Red-billed Choughs, Golden Eagle and Citril Finch. Reintroduced Griffon Vultures soar over the high ridges and their presence sometimes attracts other passing vultures such as Lammergeier or Black Vulture which have been seen on previous tours. Below the plateau, the forests hold pairs of breeding Black Woodpeckers, Wrynecks and occasional Nutcrackers among the beeches and firs.

The mammals here are also fascinating, with Chamois quite widespread, while Alpine Ibex are the subject of a reintroduction scheme. We also visit a colony of Alpine Marmot close to where Alpine Choughs nest in a cave.  Wolves have even re-colonised naturally from northern Italy!  If the frequent mention of ‘Alpine’ makes you nervous, don’t worry. This is always a gently paced tour with the vehicle taking the strain of reaching higher locations; and once you have visited the Vercors you will realise that it truly is a stunningly beautiful area with plenty of wildlife to be seen.  Click here for more details.