Wildlife of a Hampshire Parish

A Ringwood Native, Mike has always known that his home town, set between the New Forest and the Avon Valley, is fabulous for wildlife.  With a migration flyway and important wintering area to the west and extensive heaths and woodlands to the east, just about anything can turn up ……. and sometimes does!  The wildlife locally can at times be quite surprising.  A Red Fox suddenly started to appear in the garden a few years ago and it seemed to be very approachable.  It even spent some time asleep on our neighbour's flat roof and when it woke up, it was photographed by their satellite dish; "Can I get Fox News on this?"  Sadly it disappeared after about three weeks of gracing us with its presence.

There are a couple of reasons for doing a very local talk.  Firstly, Mike can relate to and has seen many wildlife changes that have taken place during his long  interest in nature.  Secondly, he could walk to all of the various locations and habitats to greatly reduce his 'car miles' thus helping the environment.  As usual, this is a light and informative presentation fully illustrated with Mike's own photography.

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