Scottish Mainland Wildlife

For many people an annual visit to Scotland is a must for their birding calendar.  There is plenty of other wildlife there too ranging from flowers through to mammals and insects (pesky midges included!).  Many visits to the Highlands on many 'holidays' and many months of photography there too are assembled to make this well illustrated talk.  We will explore locations such as mountain tops, the ancient Caledonian pine forest, coastal bays and cliffs and various nature reserves.

Many species found in the northern half of Scotland are rare or even absent from other parts of the UK.  From coastal Otters to mountain-top Dotterels and from Gannets to Pine Martens, a broad range of wintering and breeding wildlife are included.  There are also images of Eagles and their mountain habitats, geese in their thousands around the coast plus winding rivers and tranquil lakes where Herons, Goosanders and Ospreys hunt for fish.


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