Wildlife and Landscape Photographer, Lecturer and Tour Guide

Corsica – Mountains in the Mediterranean

Corsica is a stunningly beautiful island with habitats ranging from high mountains to sandy beaches.  As a consequence, it is often referred to as the Isle de Beaute.  Most of the north west part of the island is a huge nature reserve and this is where the island’s highest mountains are located.  In fact, the mountains rise to twice the height of any of anything in Britain!  This reserve is home to Alpine Choughs, Golden Eagles and even a few pairs of Lammergeiers.  The talk is based on a number of spring visits when sheep-like Mouflons might still be seen in the lower parts of the mountains, roadside verges and banks are awash with lovely wild flowers and birds are singing to establish territories.  Many of the north bound spring migrants will be passing through lower lying areas around the coast and at times, provide spectacular days of wildlife watching.   This presentation is illustrated by Mike’s own photography with a commentary in his usual light but informative style.  The talk will be varied to suit the individual audience.