The Teton mountain range at sunrise from Jackson Lake Dam Grand Teton National Park Wyoming USA June 2015
Lily lake with woodland and Long's Peak beyond Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado USA
Glacier lily Erythronium grandiflorum The Grand Loop Yellowstone National Park Wyoming USA 2015
American black bear Ursus americanus cub standing on hind legs amongst wildflowers and Silver sagebrush Artemesia cana Lamar Valley Yellowstone National Park Wyoming USA June 2015
Grand Prismatic Spring with stair-step terraces in the foreground Midway Geyser Basin Yellowstone National Park Wyoming USA June 2015

Within the Rocky Mountains of the USA there are many fabulous National Parks.  These include the World's first ever National Park, Yellowstone as well as Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain National Parks.

All are super places to visit for the fantastic scenery as well as the wildlife. The talk includes photos of bears and bison, occasionally at uncomfortably close range as well as a host of colourful bird species.  In Yellowstone there is also the geothermal activity including Old Faithful and many other geysers, mud pools and hot springs.  They claim that 75% of the World's geothermal activity can be found there.  Added to the birds and mammals there are lots of beautiful and colourful wild flowers many of which could be regarded as 'Alpine'.

Grand Teton National Park has stunning views to the Teton Mountains as well as a similar amount of mammals, birds and flowers while 2 visits to Rocky Mountain National Park shows the abundance of wildlife there too.

Prior to our first visit to Rocky Mountain National Park we were to discover the power of the weather as well as you will find out if you hear this colourful and superbly illustrated presentation.

The talk is illustrated by my own photography and delivered in my usual light but informative style.

If you would like to book this or any other of my talks, please telephone me or send me an email.  Sending an email can be done via my 'contact me' page.

Bald eagle Haliaetus leucocephalus adult at rest in dead lodgepole pine beside the Snake River Grand Teton National Wyoming USA June 2015
Flowers beside small pond on the Pilgrim Creek Road Grand Teton National Park Wyoming USA
Mule deer Odocvoileus hemionus calf Signal Mountain Grand Teton National Park Wyoming USA June 2015
Red-naped sapsucker Sphyrapicus nuchalis male United States of America