Le Grande Veymont, Chichilianne, Isere Region, Vercors Regional Natural Park, France, June 2018
Mont Aiguille and wildflower meadow in early morning light near Chichilianne Vercors Regional Natural Park Vercors France
Orange tip Anthocharis cardamines butterfly male on Cuckooflower Scotland May 2009
Drome ophrys Ophrys drumana in wildflower meadow Plan-de-Baix Drome Region Vercors Regional Natural Park Vercors France June 2016
Red-backed shrike Lanius collurio male La Brenne Centre Region France

With the highest point at the Grand Veymont (2341m), the Vercors is a jumble of limestone mountains and river-cut gorges mainly to the south west of Grenoble. It truly is a scenically stunning location to visit. Then you add in the broad range of wildlife to be seen, including high Alpine meadows that are full of insects feeding from and consequently pollinating a wonderful array of wild flowers, and you know this is a really special area.

The talk, for instance, includes over 25 species of wild orchids but there are a possible 35 or more to see when we visit in late spring or early summer.  These include showy Ladies Slipper Orchids which often grow in clumps of 30 or 40 flower spikes! Mammals here include Deer, Chamois, Alpine Ibex and Alpine Marmot while birds range from a possible 4 species of Vulture, magnificent Golden Eagles, Black Woodpeckers, Wallcreepers through to smaller species such as Firecrests and Citril Finches.  There are lots of butterfly species too with some gathering at mineral licks or other damp spots.

In short, it is a wonderful place to visit as the talk demonstrates and it is a location suitable for exploring and to see a wide range of wildlife amid fabulous scenery.

If you would like to book this or any other of my talks, please telephone me or send me an email.  Sending an email can be done via my 'contact me' page.

Lady's slipper orchid cypripedium calceolus near chichilianne vercors france
Eurasian griffon vulture Gyps fulvus in flight Extremadura Spain
Mountains in mist at sunrise near the Col de Rousset Parc Naturel Regional du Vercors France
Wild tulip Tulipa australis Parc Naturel Region du Vercors France