Wildlife and landscape photography by Mike Read

I am a freelance nature photographer specialising in birds, flowers, mammals and other wildlife as well as landscapes.  I live on the western edge of the fabulous New Forest National Park in southern England and have a wide range of images of wildlife, traditions and views from this unique area.

Having worked as a freelance photographer for over 35 years I have built up a huge library of stunning images which are available as prints or for publication. Also, I am represented by four photographic agents namely RSPB Images, Alamy Nature Picture Library and have recently joined the New Forest area specialist agency New Forest Stock Imagery which stocks both still and moving images of this fabulous National Park.  I am also able to supply these and other images direct to publishers myself.  As I cannot show all of my images on my web site, if you are seeking images for publication, I would be happy to respond to your requirements list with a quantity of low resolution sample images.

I also give illustrated talks within 45 minutes drive of my home in Ringwood in Hampshire. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, I have been updating my talks so that they are available on Zoom. Each Zoom talk is divided into 3 sections; 35 minute first half, 7 minute break (during which photos are shown but no commentary is given) and then a 20 minute final section. There will then be time for questions and answers. The commentary to my talks is always live; there are no pre-recorded talks available. My fee for a talk via Zoom is £55 for the 2022/23 talks season, which I feel is very reasonable.

I have been lucky enough to travel to many parts of this wonderful planet and wherever I go, I always connect the wildlife to the place. It is just great to see those fabulous ocean wanderers, albatrosses, in flight over a back-lit Southern ocean or to hear red deer stags roaring during the autumn rut in the heather-clad glens of Scotland. Just thinking about things like that gives me a thrill!  Today, with the climate problems and wildlife in steep decline, I feel less inclined to travel abroad and be responsible for adding more CO2 to the atmosphere.  At home we are doing our bit to reduce our use of the Planet,s resources and would encourage everyone to do the same.  Turn off lights, don't leave things on standby etc.  There are a range of small steps we can all take to reduce our impact on the climate.  Remember, every little helps!

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and if you have any queries, suggestions or requests, I would be happy to hear from you.