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The Falklands – Islands of Kings, Tyrants and Giants

This scattering of over 700 islands in the South Atlantic came to everyone’s attention when Argentinian forces invaded in 1982. The resulting conflict was fairly short-lived but the episode lives long in peoples’ memories.  What is less well known however is how fabulous the archipelago is for wildlife.  There are huge colonies of Penguins (4 or 5 species) and  Imperial Shags while the majority of the World’s Black-browed Albatrosses nest here.  Mammals can include Orcas and Dolphins just offshore while Southern Elephant Seals line the beaches with males arguing over ownership of a harem.  There are plenty of raptors, skuas and smaller birds too.  It truly is an amazing place to visit and the wildlife is exceptionally approachable as some of the pictures below illustrate.