Getting there!

So at long last I am beginning to understand WordPress (thanks Mike for your help!) and have been able to update some of my web site pages.  The Birds, Mammals and Flowers pages have all got images now. Obviously I can only show a small percentage of my photos on a web site such as this but at least I hope you get some ides of my style.  Please get in touch if you are seeking images of a particular species or location.

Also, I am pleased to announce that I am organising my own tours now.  Having worked for other companies for 30+ years, I began to feel it was time for a change.  The locations I have chosen for my first four tours are all areas I am very familiar with.  I have visited Corsica almost every year since Liz and I did a recce there in 2000 and I have been visiting the Vercors for longer than that. And as for Scotland, I hate to think how long I have been heading up to the Highlands and to some of the western islands including the wonderful, eagle-rich island of Mull!  Do take a look at the various tours pages and I hope to see you on one or more of these easy-going tours.

I will soon add more pages to my web site and give regular updates on the pictures I add to my collection.